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  • Clarity in what matters to you

  • Alignment with your values

  • Increased depth in your connections and network of support

  • Greater confidence, capacity and impact

  • More powerful voice and presence

  • Increased ability to influence and lead

6-month ~ 9-month ~ 12-month programs 

Understand Your Goals

We begin with a conversation to understand your goals, what they mean to you and how you experience your current circumstances. We also explore other areas of your life to understand your relationships, environment and routines that shape who you are.

Assessment Insights

We use personality assessments, such as Enneagram​ and Positive Intelligence, to offer insight, indentify strengths and potential areas of blindpsots. Depending on the program, we may also conduct 360-Interviews to gather feedback from others.

Program Design

Based on what we discover, an executive coaching program will be created with a stated purpose and outcomes. This provides anchor and focus while we explore and work together.

Partner and Support

We meet for 12 or more 1:1 sessions, every 2 weeks. During our sessions, we will talk about your challenges and experiences, align with your values and through thought-provoking questions, insights will emerge. You will become more acquainted with your blindspots and begin to experience other ways to see your challenges, offering you more options.

Custom Practices

As you experience new insights, practices are designed and adapted for you to take up in between sessions and as you grow. These practices access the wisdom and intelligence of your head, heart and body. They help you to establish new habits and ways of operating.

Cycle for Sustainability

Through the cycle of conversation, insights and practice, your shifts become sustainable and ultimately, transformational.

"Working with Nicole was life-changing! Not only did she open my eyes to the blind spots in my leadership style, but she equipped me with the the tools to become more self-aware and grow my emotional intelligence. This allowed me to show up for my employees in ways that support them, increase their engagement, and facilitate their success. She pushed me to explore a more holistic view of success and productivity that gave me a perspective that was unique in my organization. This perspective compelled me to change my leadership style which helped me to grow in my role as an executive and become a more visible, impactful presence in my company."
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Coaching is a partnering between coach and client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. People often ask what the difference is between Coaching, Therapy and Consulting.  Let's get that clear - While coaching can be theraputic and cathartic, it is not therapy. Therapy has an emphasis on emotions, the past and healing mental illness, such as depression or anxiety. And, while coaching draws on a breadth of experience and expertise, it is not consulting. Consulting has emphasis on providing guidance and specialized advice in a particular area of expertise, such as human resources or business organization development.

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