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Curls Lewis Coaching & Consulting

I guide women of color in executive and leadership roles to clarify and align their professional and personal values.  Together, we will design the steps to help you take practical, yet powerful action to live boldly with authenticity, connection and confidence. 

Eager to step into your next position with confidence?  On the brink of moving beyond a plateau?  Ready to show up with the leadership presence and impact that you're meant for?

You have put in the work and accomplished impressive milestones in your career. You are ready to live into your potential more fully, show up more authentically. You want to use your energy for things that align with what matters to you, use your voice more effectively and with greater impact. You have taken on a new or expanded role or decided it's time to move past a plateau.

You are ready to grow, but not sure how.

You are the the "one and only" woman of color at your leadership level or one of very few.

You are an experienced leader or starting a new leadership role and want to show up as a stronger leader to help you make a greater impact.

You are of service and support to many others, but have limited or no support for yourself.

You want more feedback or more perspective on the feedback you are getting. 

You are a working mother; your career and your family are both important to you. You find it challenging to balance the needs and desires of both.

You are at a cross-roads and know it's time to make a transition.

Despite success, you feel like an imposter, limiting your voice or taking up less space than is rightfully yours.  You want to feel more confident.

You know you are smart and capable at a high level, but in certain settings, you find yourself questioning your intellect or abilities.






"Working with Nicole changed the trajectory of my career...coaching with her was extremely helpful and beneficial..."
"...I knew she was the right coach for me after our first session...I have made strides in my personal and professional life as a result of Nicole's support and unique coaching style. Thank you Nicole!"
"...I always felt heard and understood...she created such a safe space for me to come as my full authentic self..."

I am Nicole Curls Lewis.  With over 20 years of experience, I'm most passionate about helping my clients to...

  • Discover and align with what matters most to them

  • Grow emotional intelligence and mental fitness

  • Access wisdom and intelligence of the heart, mind and body

  • Integrate learning so it's embodied and sustained

Clients tell me that they feel safe to explore their blindspots and gain key insights. They feel seen and understood, put at ease, and also experience the challege necessary for them to stretch outside of their comfort zone to take practical steps leading to real transformation. This enables them to take bold action, show up with more authenticity, connection, influence and leadership in their career and in their life. This can be you. I have experienced a full career holding Director, Executive and VP positions in Learning and Development, Human Resources and Business Operations as a leader and business owner. I have "been there" as a career professional, wife and mother, and seen what it takes to navigate and develop into one's potential, specifically for women of color. I am committed and passionate about partnering with my clients to support and awaken their self-awareness, presence and leadership capacity. Are you ready?

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